Royal Perth Hospital

    Perth Cadcentre has been involved with RPH for over 30 years in the management and data capture of their “As Constructed” database of building and services records. To date in excess of 3,500 manual drawings have been converted to CAD and added to the CAD and GIS Database. These drawings refer to the Perth, Shenton Park, Swan Districts and Kalamunda campuses.

    Typical data captured includes:

    • Base Plans
    • Fire Evacuation Plans
    • Fire Detection and Protection services
    • Computer services
    • Telecommunication & Telemetry services
    • Power facilities
    • Lighting facilities (including Emergency)
    • Medical Gas services
    • Mechanical services
    • Water and Sewer

    All CAD data has been captured and converted using complimentary capabilities of the GDS and AutoCAD applications. In addition to the services data collected, we have set up a space database of all sites, buildings, floors and rooms.

    Perth Cadcentre manages the hospitals total CAD and digital databases in house, with regular updates provided to the hospital for use by their facilities, maintenance and engineering staff.