Bus Stop Accessibility Works Program:
Survey and Design Services

  • Existing Bus Stop

  • New Bus Stop

Perth Cadcentre successfully tendered for the “Survey and Design Services” component of the Public Transport Authority’s – Bus Stop Accessibility Works Program.

This program requires that all bus stops for Transperth and regional town bus services comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and the associated Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (Disability Standards).

The process requires each bus stop to be surveyed and an Existing / Demolition plan produced for that bus stop. A new Design / Construction drawing is then produced for the proposed changes to that bus stop.

These working drawings are produced in accordance with the ‘Approved Bus Stop Layout Designs’ in the Public Transport Bus Stop Layout Guide.

To date Perth Cadentre has completed in excess of 3,000 bus stops in both existing and proposed new locations.

This program is ongoing and Perth Cadcentre has recently (via tender) has their contract extended until 2022