Nestled deep within a valley in the Perth Hills, Araluen Botanic Park is an extraordinary garden in a breathtaking bushland setting.

Araluen is a unique Botanic Park in a natural setting. Located within 59 hectares of West Australian native forest, the 14 hectares of developed gardens are home to thousands of plants that flourish in the rich soils and supportive micro-climate that is created in this valley across the Darling Scarp of the Perth hills. Araluen Botanic Park has a unique micro-climate featuring loam soils, high rainfall and cold winters providing an unmatched opportunity to cultivate exotic and cool climate plants in Western Australia.

Perth Drone Centre and Perth Cadcentre were commissioned in 2022 to provide an up-to-date CAD drawing of the site.

Having very limited CAD or paper drawings, the project required a comprehensive survey of the site where infrastructure exists.

The first stage of this process was to perform an aerial survey using one of our state-of-the-art survey drones.

Ground control points were used throughout the site which enabled to us to provide a centimetre accurate, high resolution, geospatially aligned orthomosaic image of the site.

This image was then converted to an ECW file and delivered to Perth Cadcentre for loading into AutoCAD.

The use of drone technology provided better efficiency and cost benefits over traditional surveying methods.