Aerial Surveys

Cad Plans

Amana Living Inc. is one of WA’s largest not-for-profit providers of care and services for older people, and has been serving the community since 1962.

These include residential care centres, housing, home care services, respite care, transition care and dementia services, spread across 21 sites in Perth metro, Australind, Kalgoorlie and Albany.

Perth Cadcentre was commissioned in January 2018 to provide up-to-date As Constructed CAD drawings of all their sites. Having very limited CAD or paper drawings, the project has required comprehensive site surveys and inspections of all buildings and external site areas for each property.

The first stage of this process was to perform an aerial survey using our state of the art survey drone. Ground control points were also taken which enabled to us to provide an accurate, high resolution, geospatially aligned orthomosaic image of each site. This image was then converted to an ECW file for loading in Autocad. The use of drone technology provided much better efficiency and cost benefits over traditional surveying methods.

Stage 2 required every building on each site to be surveyed internally and externally and all site details to be verified.

As Constructed CAD drawings were then prepared from the survey and inspection data.

Information captured and documented included:

  • Detailed site plans including all visible in ground services
  • Floor plans to Architectural Standards for each building including:
    • Full Internal Layouts
    • Room names and numbers
    • Internal fixed furniture and fittings

Buildings documented were:

  • Aged Care Centre Buildings
  • Village Units & Houses
  • Multi Storey Apartment Blocks
  • Administration Buildings
  • Back of House Workshops, Stores and Service Buildings.

Amana Living’s Property Management Team now has an up to date fully functioning CAD database that underpins their asset management system.