In our collaboration with Mainroads WA, PerthCAD Centre was asked to assist with up to date drawings of the Tonkin Gap project.  This project was a great example of our Red Line Markup services.

We began with a comprehensive review of original design drawings and project documents, laying the groundwork for subsequent activities. Through meticulous site visits and verification processes, we captured precise details of the as-constructed elements, employing advanced measurement tools and documentation techniques.

Using our computer-aided design (CAD) software, we translated these insights into actionable updates, working closely with Mainroads WA to ensure alignment with project objectives.

Transparency remained paramount as we clearly delineated any modifications or deviations from the initial plans. During the approval phase, there was teamwork and continuous improvement, leading to final drawings labeled “as constructed” to meet standards. With a commitment to ongoing maintenance and updates, our partnership extended beyond project completion, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of documentation throughout the project lifecycle.

This case study serves as a testament to PerthCAD Centre’s process-driven approach and unwavering dedication to excellence in infrastructure development.